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Thread: Logan Lake (Highland Valley Archers) is back!

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    Logan Lake (Highland Valley Archers) is back!

    Y'all know the epic fathers day weekend shoot at Logan Lake is BACK this coming weekend?

    Those lovely people doing it have got a big one planned with all the usual and then some!

    I also hear that there's some killer prizes this year.

    Highland Valley Archers on FB for up to date info.

    Also, they are then holding the North American Longbow Safari there July 6-7th (hosted by the Traditional Bowhunters go BC) which if you did not know, its a celebration of longbows, wooden arrows & traditional bowhunting, a rendezvous alternating between the U.S. and Canada for the last 37yrs.....

    More on that later though!
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    Re: Logan Lake (Highland Valley Archers) is back!

    see u at Logan Lake. Marc.
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    Re: Logan Lake (Highland Valley Archers) is back!

    Cut back on a lot of 3-D events , but this one remains as one of my favorites . Will be there . Cheers
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