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Thread: trichinosis laboratory analysis

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    Re: trichinosis laboratory analysis

    Fish worms don't bother me either, I caught a big halibut and folks said to cut widely around the stomach, I saved it all, there were a few worms, dead and invisible once cooked..I'm more worried about the mercury from a 60lb halibut than the worms..
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    Re: trichinosis laboratory analysis

    the worms in bear and fish dont bother me but I make damn sure the wife doesnt catch on

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    Re: trichinosis laboratory analysis

    Just something to think about. But lots of moose have tapeworm cysts in there meat. Read about it . its passed on through wold shit in the grass. moose eat the grass , worm goes into there bloodstream and turns into a cyst in the muscle. Wolf kills and eats moose and the cyst turns into a worm in there gut. They shit it out and on the cycle goes . I have personally seen two moose from the peace country with these cysts in there meat.. No more rare moose steaks . lol...
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    Dog food, if the pooch will even eat it lol.

    No clue how you guys can enjoy bear meat knowing it could be infested with worms.

    Il stick to a moose deer elk diet

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