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Thread: Why would someone buy a trapline?

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    Re: Why would someone buy a trapline?

    How much are trappers getting for the furs these days, anyways?
    Beavers are worth squat (unless your time is worth about $3/hour) Better off tanning them, put the fur on a wood hoop and sell it on Etsy.
    Lynx about 95-100 (don't have bobcats so don't know pricing)
    Coyotes about a 100 for a good one
    Wolves: 200-300
    wolverine: around 400 for a taxi mount, less skinned out
    fox about 25
    no idea on marten- not open where I'm at.

    Its more about your overall life style than making a bunch of money (in most cases). Which is why the government should actively clamp down on the "trap line just for the cabin" people and reallocate inactive lines. There are lines in BC and YT that haven't been actively trapped in over a decade but nothing is done about it and some one still "owns" them.


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    Re: Why would someone buy a trapline?

    Curious if the animals are out of control in these inactive trap-lines and need to be managed to restore some balance?

    Are there specific species targets for each line that are managed with a biologist's oversight or does the trapper just decide what he wants to target based upon his own goals and skills?

    Is the province just looking at this from the perspective of taking their royalty on each pelt sold?

    I used to accompany my grandfather on his line when I was a boy. I would consider buying a trap-line once I am done with the big city and ready to retire... trapping seems like a nice active way to spend time in the woods.

    I met Brian Daks a couple of years back on his line north of Adams lake. Seemed like he was really enjoying the work and certainly didn't need to be doing it form any other reason than enjoyment and controlling wolves in particular.

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    Re: Why would someone buy a trapline?

    marten might average 50-60$ , bobcat $400 .
    elch ... untrapped lines probably yeild lower numbers of animals due to the dominate males controlling the population .... with cats and marten anyway

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