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Thread: Seeking fly fishing knowledge

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    Re: Seeking fly fishing knowledge

    If your fishing rivers. A tightened belt...if you go for a swim your waders will turn into anchors without it. Choose life.

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    Re: Seeking fly fishing knowledge

    Quote Originally Posted by Jagermeister View Post
    If you want to have fun, keep it simple. If you want frustration, follow the aforementioned advice. And that's 55 years of fly fishing experience speaking.
    Srupp says, "Only had 2 flies for lakes size 12 ruby headed weighted leech, shrimp green size #10." To which I would add Muddler Minnow in 8, 10 or 12 in green or brown.
    And if you are not having fun, go home.
    Well, lets add at least a Caddis Fly (nothing better than taking them on the dry fly).
    I just spent the week and got a few nice ones with that (just make sure you have given the trout time to drowned the fly, turn back, and take it, before
    setting the hook, or you will just have your fly coming back at you)

    A Micro Damsel and a Pheasant Tail Nymph.
    I can't believe how few folks go up fishing and don't have that one in the box!! ( folks were getting nothing all day while me and another guy probably
    had 40 between the 2 of us in a few hours!)

    Chironomids Fishing is still a big part of BC Fly Fishing, so you need those.
    And Booby's, which is probably the most recent fly to enter the box of "need to have" for those days when nothing else will work.

    1 Dry Line
    1 Full Sink (I recommend the clear intermediate sink)

    A Sink Tip would be next.
    And a really fast full sinking line would be my 4th pick, for Boobies and deep water chronies.

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