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Thread: Harrison East Campground Recommendation?

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    Harrison East Campground Recommendation?

    Does anyone know a family friendly Campground around half way up the Harrison East? I want to take a visitor up Shovel Creek but need to set a camp for the wifes and kids. DOn't have time to scout them out so looking for recommendations. Would be nice if the kids could do some fishing, but that's not a requirement.
    By "family friendly" I mean running water and outhouses, don't need showers, etc. We can make due without the water but having it would be preferable.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: Harrison East Campground Recommendation?

    I don't think you will find running water but Bear creek or Cascade would be my choice. If you wanted a little more services you could stay at Hicks.

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    Re: Harrison East Campground Recommendation?

    Yeah you wont find running water up that way. Bear Creek isn't bad. A little steep coming down into camp.

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