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Thread: May long black bear around Quesnel?

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    Re: May long black bear around Quesnel?

    Quote Originally Posted by ElectricDyck View Post
    Was a fun weekend camping, had a bunch of chances on bears..ended up with 2 for our family, one 5 footish bear and this one...skull squared at 19 5/8, good bear for my sons first bear...shot another big one but never found it..none of the bears left any blood trail, all bled internally, one dropped on the spot the other we had to search for..

    I got 30lbs of packaged meat off the 5 footer..havent cut up the bigger one yet but should get 4 x that based on the game bags..had ground bear tacos for lunch, tastes amazing!

    Maybe someone can tell me how to make the pic show up..

    Congrats on the bears, a fun family outing and the meat score.

    For pictures, if you right click on the image from imgur and click "Copy Image Location" you get this when you paste next: (Note: If you are doing it from a phone, I think pressing down on the image on imgur will let you copy the image URL... there is a way, but it should end in jpg like the link below)

    To embed it on the forum, you can enclose it in IMG tags, which I will spell incorrectly (on purpose) for the example:


    Without the extra M, the result when you save the post is:

    A very nice picture! Cheers.
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    Re: May long black bear around Quesnel?

    Looks like a nice bear.
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    Re: May long black bear around Quesnel?

    Boiled and pressure washed the skull today, here's a side by side of the skulls from a big fall bear from last year, seen in the picture below, makes it look tiny lol, the smaller skull is plastic wrapped as we're in renos and everythings boxed away..

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    Re: May long black bear around Quesnel?

    Nicely done and a great bear for a first

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    Thumbs up Re: May long black bear around Quesnel?

    Beauty bear for a first, or any time that is!
    From the skull it is easy to determine he was an older warrior.

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