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Thread: 2019 weapon Safe. What to buy?

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    Re: 2019 weapon Safe. What to buy?

    I have an 8 gun stack on, and if I play Rifle Tetris, I can actually fit all 8. The only criminals it will keep out are only those armed with their bare hands. Even then, unless it's permanently affixed to something big and heavy, one guy can move it around full with relative ease.

    Only thing it's good for is complying with storage regulations, and I suppose it would keep a bored child out too.

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    Re: 2019 weapon Safe. What to buy?

    I have a cheap stack on and my dad has a heavy fire rated one. Ideally if it were me I would pour a cement gun / reloading room in a basement building the house as it putting rifles in and out of safes results in more dings than you get actually hunting. That being said I like the look of the Rhino Metals safe with the swing out gun rack but have yet to see one in person.

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    Re: 2019 weapon Safe. What to buy?

    any opinion about the cabbalas fat boy vs browning? Does anyone have a safe that got tested by REAL LIFE? most of the opportunistic B&A are by druggies looking for quick cash, so a reasonable safe should deal with that.
    The 375 Ruger was improved the day it was necked down to 9.3 mm

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    Re: 2019 weapon Safe. What to buy?

    I have a digital stack on 36 gun fire/waterproof one from CanTire. It was on sale for 800.

    I only store rifles on one side, tight to get 10 in there. I put the shelves in the other side for handguns and ammo. The whole bottom is a subfloor of ammo to make it heavy.

    It's pretty good, but it won't stop a zip-cut.

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    Re: 2019 weapon Safe. What to buy?

    I can share my experience with the FatBoy Jr at Cabela's:

    I bought the Liberty FatBoy Jr. on March 24 online from Cabelaís. It was on sale for $1624.99.

    They contacted me a few days later to tell me it was out of stock and that they would fill my order once it was available in stock. (it was available in the store, but I would need to provide my own means of getting it home.)

    I insisted on getting one on-line with delivery. The charge for delivery was $245.70. I didnít want to haul it all the way home and would rather spend the money to get it delivered.

    The safe was delivered one month later on April 23 by Day & Ross on 5 ton truck and dropped curbside. Their driver was courteous and professional and he earned an extra tip for using his jack to bring the safe to my front door so it was out of the rain.

    It was strapped and bolted securely on a solid pallet and was very well packed. Soon I had all the cardboard off the safe and it was sitting bolted to the pallet and was in perfect condition. I unbolted it and was able to slide it by myself onto a dolly using wooden dowels under the safe on the pallet. I then strapped it to the dolly and was able to pull lift one end over my doorsill, then push the other side over the lip. Once in the house, it was easy to wheel it to where it is going to stay for the balance of its life. Sliding it off the dolly was also easy.

    I was surprised that the safe was not exactly like the model in the store. The FatBoy Jr no longer comes with the 1-inch diameter active locking bolts. It now comes with a Defensive barrier of TWELVE total military style locking bars on all four sides of the door and a new style UL Listed SecuRam BackLit electronic lock. Check it out on the manufacturer's site instead of Cabelaís for the latest info as Cabela's info is out of date.

    I added a Liberty Safe Power Outlet Kit which I bought on Amazon for $68 and an original Goldenrod ($59) off Amazon as well.

    Once I had electricity supplied and I was finished centering it, I was able to drill and bolt it down to the floor in about 30 minutes using the supplied bolt kit and my trusty hammer drill.

    Next I am putting Ikea LED lights inside.

    It says 48 guns, but realistically only will hold half that unless you are turning every second rifle upside down and removing everything else inside.

    I am happy with my setup and find the fit and finish of high quality and I know this safe will last me a lifetime. I would do it exactly the same given a second chance. Liberty guarantees this safe for life.

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    Re: 2019 weapon Safe. What to buy?

    Maybe your needs will change in June with Trudeau's & Blair's announcement?

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