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Thread: Canada Goose Hunting Friends

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    Canada Goose Hunting Friends

    I have been hunting geese on a sliver of public land for the last two years. It is beautiful and each season I take 2 to 3 geese. I am hoping to find some more productive spots in the Fraser Valley in Feb/Mar and/or some people to hunt with. Please PM me if you might be willing to show me some more productive lands in the lower mainland. Thank You!

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    Re: Canada Goose Hunting Friends

    Hey there,

    I'm on vancouver island and eager to get out when season open in a month. Pretty new but looking for a partner. PM me if you want to get out.


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    Re: Canada Goose Hunting Friends

    I go for snowies every fall and spring and but rarely used my Canada dekes because they just don't come to my area. Would also be interested to try for Canadas and will put in my spread. Have hunted for past four years but just never see Canadas.

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    Re: Canada Goose Hunting Friends

    Im new to Goose hunting and I want to get out on Ex Dinsdale this weekend. I’m thinking tomorrow morning but I’m having a hard time finding the poc for hunting permission for the field? Let me know if you know and if you want to join me tomorrow?

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