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Thread: 3-15 Zone A Mountain goat

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    3-15 Zone A Mountain goat

    Looking to find some information on the provincial park boundaries and access. I am considering putting in for this draw as it is not too far away for me.
    The Mehatl Creek Provincial park and Nahatlatch Provincial Park are both nearby. 3-15 Zone A, according to the LEH regs, seems to encompass the Mehatl Creek Provincial Park. Did a quick search yesterday and couldn't see if hunting is open in a valid hunting season.
    I have never hunted goat but the goat threads on here are inspiring and I have a huge desire to get out in the back country with a pack and get a hunt like this done.
    I am also looking for advice on this area from the veteran hunters on here. You guys have been very helpful in the past and I have perused this website far more than I have posted. Not to be like the hundreds of other threads that say, " Hey, I'm going to such and such area. Any advice would be appreciated".

    I'm looking mostly for advice on what weather to expect that time of year, if the snow remains on up there all year, perhaps an access point. I already have a spot checked out on google maps.
    This is a bit premature, since I haven't even put in for the draw yet, but if I am going to put in for it and get it, I want to be able to put my best effort into getting out there and trying to fill that tag.


    * I just noticed there is a website for more detailed maps on the LEH regs. Will check them out.
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    Re: 3-15 Zone A Mountain goat

    Didn't get the draw anyway

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