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Thread: BC Residential Credential

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    Re: BC Residential Credential

    I just went to service BC but I am in a small town so there is never a line up lol

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    Re: BC Residential Credential

    We get to break the news daily to customers that their residency has expired.

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    Re: BC Residential Credential

    You are the master of the GIF

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    Re: BC Residential Credential

    If your FWID is expired, you don't have the option of putting in for LEH online. The govt doesn't take your money unless you renew. It took me 2 minutes, including the time it took to take a photo of my license and two days for approval. All in all, not hard at all. And a great idea to check residency. Good luck everybody on your draws, and bears.

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    Re: BC Residential Credential

    It’s really easy and no boogy men are in the closet...the new electronic system will and is excellent...

    kind of like when toilet paper was is definitely better then leaves or your finger

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    Re: BC Residential Credential

    This is a good thing. Should stop people that have moved out of BC from hunting as residents. I think we have Clayton Stoner to thank for this. Probably some others that were not as high profile.

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    Re: BC Residential Credential

    Just a bump to remind people in case they have not updated their residency. I was picking up some range ammo and saw another customer be informed his residency was expired. I know mine expired after the LEH Deadline so it is easy to forget. If you get it in today you should still be able to purchase your tags by opening.
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    Re: BC Residential Credential

    Quote Originally Posted by Jagermeister View Post
    I guess I'm in the expired boat with a few others. Don't have not FWID card.
    FWID = Fish and Wildlife Identification
    And get this, you still need your ANGLER NUMBER to purchase a fishing licence.
    I think the FWID should be changed immediately to the IIWID card. Whatz dat ya sae.?
    IIWID = Idiot Imposed Wildlife IDentification card.
    And while I am on a rant, how about the statement, "First Nations hunters need a FWID if they wish to apply for limited entry hunting." There must have been a daisy chain in the Wildlife Ministry office that day to come up with that absurd (preposterous, ridiculous, ludicrous, farcical, laughable, risible, idiotic, stupid, foolish, silly, inane, imbecilic, insane, harebrained, cockamamie) notion.
    Hey stupid! What Indian is going to apply for a FWID for LEH when they have UEH (Unlimited Entry Hunt)?
    I have to stop here for a while, don't want to get banned.

    Nice Rant. Just remember whenever somebody from Goverment says its easy, It usually gets complicated.


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    Re: BC Residential Credential

    Man, I wish I'd seen this thread before I drove an hour plus to attempt to buy my license and tags at Corlanes in Dawson Creek yesterday. Best of all, being a Saturday of course there was no gov't office open to verify my B.C. residency at........

    I was mad that I forgot to put in for my LEH before, but I guess it's for the best as I would have just been donating money it seems without having verified my residency.

    I like the intent behind this, just wish the implementation was carried out a bit better. Lol, bit of a side topic but what is the benefit of being able to have an E-license when you still need to have hard copies of the species tags?

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    Re: BC Residential Credential

    Quote Originally Posted by DeepJeep View Post
    Hey bigredchev, I just finished the process online. Took a few clicks and done. Takes upto 3 business days. Fairly easy process
    where do you find the link to update?Never mind, I found it.
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