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Thread: 2 Person, 4 Season Tents

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    Re: 2 Person, 4 Season Tents

    Quote Originally Posted by shleebs View Post
    I see this thread is back up. I ended up going with the MEC TGV2 4 season tent and it worked great for me this season. Went on a few early season hunts and didn't find it to be too warm. Also ran it pretty hard on a few later season hunts including one that we ended up getting stuck in a big snow storm and it performed great. The only downfall is that it only has 1 vestibule so ideally you would run this as a one man tent if you want to keep everything inside at night. I don't have much else to compare it to but that was my experience. Would definitely recommend this to others.
    that looks like a good option. I’ve been considering a 4 season tent or a floor less option for later season. My current tent is great in the summer and earlier fall, not sure how it would fair in a snow storm though. It’s a mountainsmith mountain dome 2. It’s super roomy for 1 person. Abit bulky and not ultra light, but it was on clearance and it works.

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    Re: 2 Person, 4 Season Tents

    I picked up a 4 season MSR Access 2 tent I'm hoping to use next fall for a back pack caribou hunt. May take it up to the mountains locally as we still have snow up there to test the gear out before I take it to the big woods lol. It's not the lightest tent around but it's almost 2 lbs lighter then my two man 3 season tent
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