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Thread: Spring bear 2019

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    Re: Spring bear 2019

    I saw a nice looking black bear yesterday just east of Terrace grazing beside the highway, actually looked quite round and fat.

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    Re: Spring bear 2019

    Pemby was still really snowy once you got in a Few clicks, boo

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    Re: Spring bear 2019

    Quote Originally Posted by albravo2 View Post
    Just catching up on this thread now and I can't believe nobody else commented on the little bit of brilliance quoted above.

    Hope Caddisgirl is doing OK. I dislocated my big toe a couple years ago and it still won't bend. Foot injuries suck.
    Funny enough at the exact moment you were posting this she was limping around doing anything she could to help with the bear.

    She's doing good. Not in constant pain or anything like the first couple days... trying to take it a little easier now too.

    I totally ruined her "relaxing weekend camping". She was looking forward to sitting around, enjoying the sites and sounds of nature for a few days while reading and drawing. Only lasted 15 minutes before she hears shots echoing through the mountains... "Are you kidding me?" Lol

    So relaxing trip postponed. This weekend for sure... not even bringing a rifle

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    Re: Spring bear 2019

    Little sign up the sea to sky corridor. Snow melting fast but a mix of hard ice and slush pits made a few inaccessible spots.

    A 6ft thick tree fell onto one of my access points. Hoping they'll clear it!

    Plant growth needa to pick up more

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    Re: Spring bear 2019

    I went up behind Squamish, snow line is half way up the mtns, might have to wait a bit.

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