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Thread: FWID expires

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    sadly, for now, the LM

    Re: FWID expires

    Quote Originally Posted by todbartell View Post
    I lost my drivers license. Sell me a moose tag, NOW!
    If they've got your BCDL# on record, you can lose it/have it stolen/etc....and they will still know if your license is valid. (You can also choose one of the other options such as providing your BC Services card #).
    Don't get me wrong, I think it's a good idea to have to show residency. This just seems like a rather strange and ineffective way of doing so. I just don't understand the "send a picture" idea. Why not have us just provide a number of the required document?

    And if I'm ever sucessful in drawing a moose tag...

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    Re: FWID expires

    All the anxiety I had before and durning, watching my wife update my profile, Its done, man i was sweating that one.

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    Re: FWID expires

    Quote Originally Posted by stinkyduck View Post
    Absolutely! I don't even know where to log on, What a bunch of Bullsh@t, My dad is 85 and likes to hunt a bit still,now he has to go through stupid shit like this is ridiculous!

    Just type FWID into a search engine and it should be first one that pops up, then click log in on right side, page changes and then log in, and simple
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