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Thread: Bison 757A

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    Bison 757A

    Hello all any word of success rate of bison hunt in 757 A? Just talked to biologist and says most buff are in B Also Vern at blueberry camp says bison haven't been around this fall. Any info would be helpful Thanks

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    Re: Bison 757A

    if your going to hunt it, get on that boarder between A and B

    Quote Originally Posted by Darksith
    It doesn't matter if you harvest an animal or not. In the end after all the meat is gone, all you're left with is memories, so every hunt is a success, some simply have more high fives than others!

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    Re: Bison 757A

    Okay, I was hunting 757A Last year about this time. We showed up December 22nd just as every one was leaving for Xmas. all the groups we talked to were leaving without bison.
    Day 2 we saw bison, Christmas day we got our first one, 29th we got our second. When we spoke with Vern he said nobody was getting bison. These animals are not stupid. They stay high above the noise of quads and snow machines. They bed in the trees and hang out high in the hills. Both of animals we shot at least 800 vertical feet above the valley floor, We never saw a single bison down low. Get high and glass hard on the southern slopes when you start seeing large boulders in the trees thats Bison!!!
    Wish, I was going again this year such a fun hunt. oh yeah we hammered a nice wolf as well!! Both of our Bison came out on Pack frame.
    Vern was very helpful and the cabins are the only way to go, when we left it was -46 brrr!

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