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Thread: Change in philosophy and a change in tactics

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    Re: Change in philosophy and a change in tactics

    If you have , then you are one of the few. Good on you.

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    Re: Change in philosophy and a change in tactics

    Quote Originally Posted by Opinionated Ol Phart View Post
    It always amazes me that so many on this board and other boards in general , will profess to being outraged that their voices are not being heard. But when challenged about how many snail mails , emails or phone calls they have made-- the silence is deafening.. One of the biggest wastes of time is bitching on a forum--- make the call--- write the letters and THEN if you get ignored, you have the right to scream bloody murder. Not until.
    Have nothing against people taking action on their own. I've written a substantial amount of letters to lots of Government officials and politicians. I bet you have too.......and here we are.
    On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

    A gun in the hand is worth the entire police force on the phone.

    A cleaved head no longer plots. (Nordic Proverb)

    “Civil rights used to be about treating everyone the same. But today some people are so used to special treatment that equal treatment is considered to be discrimination.”
    Thomas Sowell

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    Re: Change in philosophy and a change in tactics

    BCWF is a conservation organization.
    Direction changed with time as people come and go.
    If you want to see the direction BCWF is going look at their hires....and their "fires" ,or people that left or quit.
    Unfortunately as hunters we want them to do what would benefit us.
    And not always what would benefit them, making too much noise about our issues,not always beneficial to them.
    If anyone would like to have an organization that works for hunters, start one.
    Till then unfortunately ,the only voice we have is "Them"!!!
    And remember our percentage as hunters with BCWF membership is not that high!
    Maybe stronger local clubs are the answer....but only local ,if they remain local.
    BCWF is provincial.
    Did antis hijack BCWF???.....well they put their money/effort where it counts!!!
    We are not.
    Just a BCWF members opinion.

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