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Thread: Wild game Dinners 2018/2019

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    Re: Wild game Dinners 2018/2019

    BBQ squirrel legs.

    comment from my sister-in-law, "is that even sanitary?"

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    Re: Wild game Dinners 2018/2019

    Squirrel legs ? Not the little red squirrels are they?

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    Re: Wild game Dinners 2018/2019

    Quote Originally Posted by Dannybuoy View Post
    Squirrel legs ? Not the little red squirrels are they?
    big corn fed squirrel from back east

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    Yesterday, Thanksgiving, was also my Lady's Birthday.
    As per her request, we forwent any consideration of birds, and went with a fine Fondue.

    Whitetail, Lamb, Beef & Pork Tenderloin surrounded by all the veggie goodies.
    Dips were Asiago & Artichoke, Tzatziki, Lemon Dill (sour cream base), Chipotle, BarBee Sauce and Spicy Thai.
    And of course the usual uber-fine Merlot!

    May have found a use for Trudeau after all. Turns out he burns quite well... LOL!

    Candlelit Dinner for Two:

    Unbeknown to my Darling, one of our Buddies from down Island was up to creating a rather special sign off to this fine meal.
    He took a great light & fluffy chocolate cake recipe, combined with with our own Peach / Blackberry jam for the mid-layer, real whipped cream topping with our own version of Black Forest Cherries. Then a light dusting of Cinnamon for that finished Look.
    He then carefully packaged it up, and drove the hour each way simply to drop this off for the Celebration!

    To suggest that one "knocked it out of the park" would be a grievous understatement!
    Absolutely Superb!!
    Hat's off to VanIsleCam!! Extremely well done my Friend!
    My Lady was much more than Impressed!!

    Overall an extremely wonderful evening.
    Happy Thanksgiving All!

    Egotistical, Self Centered, Son of a Bitch Killer that Doesn't Play Well With Others.

    Guess he got to Know me

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    Re: Wild game Dinners 2018/2019

    - Cast iron pan, fry skinless duck tits in unsalted butter (DO NOT OVER COOK!)
    - Remove duck tits, tent with foil and let rest
    - In same pan add red bell and jalapeño peppers and sauté until soft, add more butter if needed.
    - Set aside peppers
    - Lightly butter french loaf and toast under broiler
    - In cast iron pan, add better than bouillon chicken stock paste to pan with fresh squeezed orange juice and reduce. Add flour or cornstarch to thicken.
    - Assemble toasted bun with horseradish and marmalade and duck tits on one side, peppers and provolone cheese on the other. Slide under broiler open face to melt cheese
    - add pickled red onions and smash together, cut in half and drizzle with sauce from pan

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