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Thread: deer density in BC

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    Re: deer density in BC

    Quote Originally Posted by Nickodeamus View Post
    hmmmm, it states we have 220 Cariboo still in the EK (granted, I am looking at 2017, lol)
    Anyways, I think they need to go back and recount.
    Think there are some other #'s that I read recently that don't jive with that document.

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    Re: deer density in BC

    Interesting to see half the provinces whitetail are in region 4

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    Re: deer density in BC

    Looks like we need more resources (time, people and money) to get "better, more accurate counts".
    Also, it can tell us exactly how low #'s can get to the point that that species can "no longer recover".
    We banned hunting Boo years ago, and yet they disappeared anyways (due to Preds in the end, but
    maybe not the actual start of decline years ago, but defiantly they're extinction in the area now).

    Only trying to point out to everyone that if we let the #'s slide too low on certain species in certain areas,
    they may never recover anymore as the Preds will finish them off.
    Something we all need to be aware of!
    I look at the EK elk count, and I know from what I have read, those #'s in that 2017 stat are "way off"
    And the ministry only wants to see half of what we originally had years ago, going forward.

    So, I ask, at what point is letting elk #'s there drop, where they may no longer recover also due to preds
    doing what preds do.

    220 caribou was obviously "not enough" any more to recover!
    Cant remember what the actual # was for them when we did ban hunting them in the area.?????
    But, whatever that # was, it also "wasn't enough" anymore.
    So, there is a critical level certain species can no longer recover from.
    Especially now in the presence of so many Preds.
    Preds were down way back when, so that "old school thinking and # counting" was workable.
    In the present situation, "it isn't"!!!
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