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Thread: 12 gauge modified choke shot size for grouse

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    Re: 12 gauge modified choke shot size for grouse

    Quote Originally Posted by wos View Post
    Wow caddisguy i really enjoy all your posts but i think you are seriously overthinking the situation! Hunting ditch chicken isn't a science. Just grab whatever shells are handy or rolling around in the glove box and pull the trigger.
    I overthink everything. It's what I do... and there's buckshot floating around in there too so I have to be a little bit careful

    You're right though. By the end of the day I was just grabbing anything.

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    Re: 12 gauge modified choke shot size for grouse

    20 gauge full choke here. #6 for me, longer shot, pellets usually pass through, and they can knock down the occasional blue that we see. 5’s are handy if you are also taking rabbits. 7 1/2’s tend to stay lodged in the breast, and there tend to be more of them than if you use 6’s. Love grouse hunting, and is my favourite game meat to cook with.
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