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Thread: Okanagan Mountain Park

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    Okanagan Mountain Park

    Hey guys,

    Can anyone point me in the right direction of some running water this time of year in the park? Looking to do some extended camping up on the left side of divide lake trail. I have a few times but have always hauled up as much water as possible which is a real back breaker. Some pointers would be great! Feel free to send a PM

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    Re: Okanagan Mountain Park

    It's called the The Rock for a reason.
    Water, this time of year, is few and far between.

    Either pack water stashes in well advance of ur hunt or learn to deal with processing slew water.

    I highly doubt anyone, including the likes of me, would put an X on a hidden spring as water is the biggest limiting factor for hunting in there.

    No disrespect intended with my comment,

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    Re: Okanagan Mountain Park

    just stop at marcs cabin ,he will tell ya where to go !
    I can tell ya, but you know I' ll be lying to you!!!!

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    Re: Okanagan Mountain Park

    Sure Divide lake has water in it
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    Re: Okanagan Mountain Park

    I camped in the park last fall and we ended up getting water out of a pretty nasty little pond as it was the only option other than hiking to a lake. There was no little creeks with water on the west aspect. Used both a pump and tablets and it was ok. We are lucky in Canada with clean running water in so many places.

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