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Thread: Quail, pheasant hunting okanagan

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    Quail, pheasant hunting okanagan

    Hello team hbc. On the hunt for a bc interior upland slam will call it that at least.
    Ruffed, spruce, blues, chukars are no problem.
    I have a solid game plan for quail and a pheasant, I think I can find them on some crown land ive scouted out.
    I know this is not a common bird to hunt here bc and most who know where they are, are tight lipped which is totally understandable. I probably wonít share my game plans either unless some info is traded with me haha. Anyways I plan on some quail limits come October so when that happens Iíll post up pics for sure.
    Anyways if any one has private land thatís obviously great and Iíd love to come hunt. Or if you have a tip my inbox is open. Iíve hunted the interior pretty hard and have info for trade on all species here so more than happy to chat about whatever and point you in the directions of moose goats deers bears and upland

    hunting season so close now ladies and gents see you in the field

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    Re: Quail, pheasant hunting okanagan

    Slingshot around my parents house in Kelowna gets yea a limit on quail

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    Re: Quail, pheasant hunting okanagan

    Lotsa quail on the Island, I shoot a few every year for my young dogs and could shoot lots more if I wanted that being said they are on the upswing here and I wouldn't want people starting to shoot "some limits" at this time, so suffice it to say there are quail on the island.
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    Re: Quail, pheasant hunting okanagan

    I've seen lots of pheasants in salmon arm, should be somewhere outside of town that holds pheasants

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