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Thread: Tulameen FSR & Murphy Lakes

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    Re: Tulameen FSR & Murphy Lakes

    There are lots of small game opportunities up lawless that alway make the drive worth while . But for deer you will need to get away from the roads and hike. Looking for sign and locations were you know the deer will have to funnel through will help also. Trail cams will also help a lot.
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    Re: Tulameen FSR & Murphy Lakes

    Been up Tulameen FSR and Tulameen area a couple times now. Great hunting for grouse and hare, also saw a cow and calf pair, but diddly for deer. Just one doe who bolted at 300 yards There was a bit of sign though so they’re up there but the pressure has made them very wary.

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    Re: Tulameen FSR & Murphy Lakes

    We spend a lot of time in the area 'cause we have a place in Tulameen and our Son spends way more time there from his Princeton home.
    Hope to spend some time 2 weeks from now, hit the rifle range, scouting around, maybe whack a grouse or bunny, do some fishin'.
    Like many have said, it's a tough area due to heavy traffic but there are lots of opportunities. Avoid weekends, particularly Long Weekends if you can.
    Have seen lots of bears around this year, lots of does, a few bucks.
    Will see how it all turns out.

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    Re: Tulameen FSR & Murphy Lakes

    Basically anything with an exit number off the Coq is going to get a lot of pressure and I'd say the most pressured areas have been mentioned here. The further you can go from the lower mainland the less pressure there will be, until you get close to other bigger towns. Havin said all that most people are road hunters and if you get off the beaten track and get away from the roads there will be game around albeit pretty skittish. Also I found the roads that continue on to through to other highways or heaven forbid circle routes are the ones that really get pounded. Some of the minor fsrs that don't really go anywhere aren't nearly as busy. Good luck, get out there and start exploring
    its gonna take a life time to hunt and fish all this

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    Re: Tulameen FSR & Murphy Lakes

    Thank you all for so much valuable input!
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