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Thread: Resident priority?

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    Re: Resident priority?

    I'm going to hunt there.
    There's a time to hunt, and then there's a time to hunt time to hunt.

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    Re: Resident priority?

    A 50 per cent reduction to the absolute harvest was applied to areas where there are low bull-to-cow ratios.

    “This reduction was not based on fire, but in order to allow for recovery of healthy bull-to-cow ratios and follows a similar approach employed successfully in 1995 and 1996. It is aligned with guidance in the Provincial Framework for Moose Management,” said Wildlife Branch staff via email.

    A 10 per cent reduction was made to absolute harvest in some areas, in expectation of additional pressure on bull harvest from First Nations’ harvesters in those zones. This reduction was also not based on wildfire.

    Finally, a five to 20 per cent additional reduction was applied for the number of LEH authorizations. This reduction was based on the total amount of moose habitat within the 2017 fire perimeter, to account for hunters being more successful. These LEH reductions were based on wildfire impacts.

    And according to the Wildlife and Habitat Branch, moose populations were relatively unchanged in the Cariboo, based on population surveys undertaken early in 2018.

    “[For example, we] sighted slightly more moose in LEH zone 5-13A, the zone with the most extensive burn area, than from previous surveys,” a spokesperson said via email.

    Sounds reasonable
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    Re: Resident priority?

    Yes the indians are only shooting a few moose. Bullshit. like the cow moose shot on the side fo the Nazko hwy. whitey can't shoot on the hwy, but indians can? They cut off the hind quarters and left the rest to rot. All they kill are cows standing on the road. I'm sure that will help the moose recover.

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    Re: Resident priority?

    Be nice to see them ban the spraying. More food=more animals.

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