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Thread: Bull river road closers

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    Re: Bull river road closers

    you can hunt every part of that entire red circled area.
    you can drive the green outlined roads while hunting.
    you can not drive off the green lined roads and onto any of the roads not outlined green.
    even if you have a "disability permit" that allows for you to drive while hunting in road restricted areas, you still can "not"
    drive onto those roads not outlined in green.
    That was the info I received from Cranbrook.
    Even some of the CO's did not know the "full answer" in regards to disability permit.
    hope that helps.

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    Re: Bull river road closers

    Your comments above seem spot least with respect to hunting/traveling on the green. I have spoken to some more people and received a fair bit of feedback on the matter and the consensus is:

    You can drive the green with hunting gear, you can't hunt the spurs off the green within the red border......Makes sense to me.
    As for hunting the green roads, I don't need to worry about that at this point in time....I will just be passing through.

    So, thanks to everyone for your input and help.



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