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Thread: Taiga clothing sizes ?

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    Taiga clothing sizes ?

    Looking at a couple of pieces, but can't get in to try them on.

    wondering how true to size they fit ?
    says the XL size fits up to 47" chest, sounds more like a L

    Have heard good things about some of their items
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    Re: Taiga clothing sizes ?

    I can't help with sizes, but I can tell you, when that jacket starts to leak, where the backpack straps ride on your shoulders, and go ask about warranty. (Extreme wet weather jacket)
    They'll send you on your way with a shitty taste in ur mouth.
    I supported taiga products, for a number of years, never again.

    I've had no problem with Sitka's warranty, that has similar issues.

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    Re: Taiga clothing sizes ?

    Yes, XL does fit like a Large I find. Originally bought size Large (had a buddy pick them up for me) and ended up returning it all for XL. The pull over zip was a bit big so all I did was throw it in the dryer for 10 minutes. Shrunk it down just a hair and fits perfect now.

    For the price, cant go wrong.

    Merino T-Shirt, Long Sleeve, Pull Over half Zip, Fleece coat, fleece sweat pants was $348. First year using them and beat the hell out of those clothes. Only have one small snag on the long sleeve and that's it.
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