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Thread: Pro. Vault gun safe any thoughts

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    Pro. Vault gun safe any thoughts

    Hey guys I see that one of the big box stores has the pro vault gun safe on sale at 699 anyone have any experience with this safe? I have been looking for a while and this seems like a good price. I just donít want to buy it and have regrets anyone ever have any problems with this safe. Thanks for your input .

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    Re: Pro. Vault gun safe any thoughts

    I bought a Sentry Vault from the big box store that starts with C and ends with O (haha) and its been great.
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    Re: Pro. Vault gun safe any thoughts

    Where did you see it? I'm kinda poking around for one.

    I need something for the moment to solve an immediate need - I can get a better one later.

    EDIT: I see the company that starts with a 'C', ends with an 's', and rhymes with 'Cabelas' has the small one for 699.
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    Re: Pro. Vault gun safe any thoughts

    I have a pro vault think it’s the 24 gun cabinet only using I wish it had some storage on the door but you can buy accessories for it

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