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Thread: Back Road Scanners

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    Re: Back Road Scanners

    Quote Originally Posted by Black Lab View Post
    Appreciate all the advice. I live in Chilliwack and haven't found anyone that sells or knows anything about them. Tried "The Source" Best Buy and Cascade Supply that caters to a lot of loggers. I'll keep looking, must be someone around local. What is the practical difference between Vhf and Uhf radio's

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    Re: Back Road Scanners

    Look at icom radios on radioworld

    Not sure about the new ones, be sure to find out how a standard vhf/2m mobile can be opened up for use on all frquencies. This isn' legal, but I would be more interested in safety personaly

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    Re: Back Road Scanners

    The Baofeng are great. Yes they are Chinese (isn't most of our stuff from China anyway), but well designed, well rated. Even the amateur radio crowd love them. At $30 on Amazon everyone who goes on logging roads should own and use one. Here is my information from when I was looking to buy a two way radio capable of communicating at the RR logging roads frequencies (150.08-151.67 MHz). Note that standard two way radios do not communicate at these "commercial" frequencies.

    This is actually written for BC. It gives the background of the new RR radio standard, why the baofeng is great, an how to program it.

    Strongly recommend buying a 40 cm SMA antenna. The antenna that come with any two way radio are too small to receive and transmit over great distance. My experiance was that the standard antenna only covered the distance between two calls as I traveled up and another vehicle traveled down.

    You don't need the cable to program the ratio with the RR frequencies. Using the instruction manual I was able to program the 35 RR + 5 channels in about one hour.
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    Re: Back Road Scanners

    ICOM fm transceiver. Have had it for years. Exc range

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    Re: Back Road Scanners

    I use cheap baofeng UV-5R two way.. confirm the channel when you enter an FSR and call your location. simple, safe and REQUIRED.

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