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Thread: Budget friendly spotting scopes?

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    Budget friendly spotting scopes?

    I know what you pay for is what you get, but my needs and wants are not extreme and I知 hopeing to pick something up for a reasonable price.
    I致e never used a spotting scope much, I知 not a huge fan of having some giant scope taking up room in my pack but I think that a spotting scope would be a asset on most my hunts.
    I'm looking for something to aid in glassing and to help count points on deer out to maybe 500 yards.
    My brother has a Redfield Rampage and likes it so I知 thinking something in that price range (200-350$)
    So far I知 thinking about these options.
    what do you think?
    Any advice and experiences would be appreciated.

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    What magnification is nessessary ? 45x? 60x?
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    Re: Budget friendly spotting scopes?

    I’ve got a bushnell spotting scope but I’m unsure of the model. I think it was in the $300 range and I think it is the biggest pos I’ve ever looked thru. I made the mistake once of looking thru my buddies Swarovski and that ruined me. I’m told meopta is very good but quite a bit more pricey then your budget. I was told to check out bird watching forums for good glass.
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    Re: Budget friendly spotting scopes?

    Vanguard endeavour HD. I picked up the 65mm, off a member here recently. Very good glass for the money, also same kind of warranty as vortex.

    Another option might be the minox md50, or maybe a used Nikon fieldscope 50mm.
    I was in the same boat, looking for a spotter, and I went with the vangaurd based on quality and price, and that I found a good one used

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    Re: Budget friendly spotting scopes?

    I actually have a Redfield rampage! For the money you won't find anything much better. It's not the greatest peice of gear i own but it gets the job done. It's good for counting points , it works better on lower powers. The tripod it comes with is junk. Overall it works for me but will be upgraded next.

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    Re: Budget friendly spotting scopes?

    I was told to check out bird watching forums for good glass.
    The best for optics reviews, they do like their Nikons
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    Re: Budget friendly spotting scopes?

    Sent you a PM.

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    Re: Budget friendly spotting scopes?

    You're not gonna get a spotting scope that's worth carrying around for that money. Personally, i would just get decent binoculars and a tripod and use that.

    I've used a couple of cheap bushnell spotting scopes and honestly, you're better off with no spotter than a cheap spotter. Yeah, the picture is magnified, but it's never clear enough nor bright enough for things like spotting bullet holes on targets, or counting points etc.

    Granted neither is a good spotter on a wobbly tripod, so keep that in mind, too.
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    Re: Budget friendly spotting scopes?

    Buy used. A lot of guys buy them and then don't really use them (myself included). I got a great spotter doing that.

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