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Thread: Budget friendly spotting scopes?

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    Re: Budget friendly spotting scopes?

    I got the GoSky 20-60x 80mm spotter off amazon for a 190$ and its legit. Its not very compact, but it works great. Very clear image. People ask to borrow it at the range to spot bullet holes at 200yd and they are blown away when I tell them it was less than 200$...

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    Re: Budget friendly spotting scopes?

    Quote Originally Posted by Arctic Lake View Post
    Two Seven 0

    What power and objective diameter lens would you suggest for binos ? I have small minis that are 7 power but not that powerful .I would think you need something higher for at the range to find bullet holes in paper or viewing and judging wildlife ! recommendations of makes ?
    Would be interested in what you use !
    Thanks !
    Arctic Lake

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    Re: Budget friendly spotting scopes?

    Bausch and Lomb ďEliteĒ .... older and rubber amoured .... as said can be found on the used market in your price range or less.

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