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Thread: Selkirk Caribou close to Extinct

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    Re: Selkirk Caribou close to Extinct

    Quote Originally Posted by Ride Red View Post
    The ecotourists love to complain about hunters, loggers ect, but won’t compromise with any of their sports. Until all user groups are on the same page, nothing will change and all wildlife will suffer.
    Agree. Which is why in the EK when we (KWC) wanted to raise awareness to Government about working for wildlife, we started - not with hunting regulation - but with 'let's make more wildlife' and we agreed to work with non hunting groups. Everyone needs to own the objective of making more wildlife and understanding their role/impact in it. Not just hunters.

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    Re: Selkirk Caribou close to Extinct

    Quote Originally Posted by Ratso View Post
    I don't really comment on this site...but do enjoy reading some of the discussions. Putting personal opinions aside regarding the use of machines for hunting (I prefer a frame pack) I think Pemby is simply seeing the writing on the wall a little clearer than most. We hunters are facing a shift in government policy and public opinion that is not going to support fact, it's going in the opposite direction. This caribou collapse, declining moose and muley numbers etc are all pointing to fewer hunting opportunities and greater regulation. Human nature is to push our limits...unfortunately, this means that cutting in new tracks for ATV/UTVs to sensitive habitat that may have a negative effect on wildlife. These tracks never get smaller...they just keep getting bigger/deeper and provide more easy access for riders and wolves. We are not going to get this horse back in the barn and I'd expect significantly more ATV/UTV restrictions province-wide in the regs in coming years. The issue of unrestricted FN hunting regardless of any conservation issues is a potentially bigger problem [IMHO] that no government is likely to tackle. As hunters I think we are basically fighting a losing battle if we don't take a page out of the anti's book and start self-regulating a bit more...and ranting less. Officially, hunting is a privilege...not a right...and priveleges are easily removed.

    Just my opinion.
    Thanks for your opinion. I tend to agree with you. This is a mutlifacetted issue and ALL those with blood on their hands (wittingly or not) gotta own up and quit blaming everyone else. Even if it's too late for our southern caribou herds, it may not be too late for other animal populations - that is if we learn anything.
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