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Thread: Stone sheep! Poppin cherries!

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    Stone sheep! Poppin cherries!

    Looking at a few possible locations for a walk in stone hunt. There is only two of us with more food then equiptment to pack in. We are both pretty confident in our abilities to stick it out in the mountains being from the southern. Canadian rockies in the kootenay region and chasing bighorn and goats around. Just wanting a couple different areas that wont be hopeless without horses or machines. We were thinking starting between toad and muncho or possibly west side of munch or go more south newr stone mountain. Not looking for dead give aways but a point in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks alot. Sorry to be a dink and ask dumb questions!
    Happy hunting!

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    Re: Stone sheep! Poppin cherries!

    Nobody gives their sheep info up
    Maybe introduce yourself and tell us some cheesy joke.
    Try the search tool to find sheep related threads.
    Concentrate on what you need to bring before where you need to bring it.
    Stone hunting is the best hunting.
    Good luck.
    The only advantage to a light rifle is it's weight, all other advantages go to the heavier rifle..

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    Re: Stone sheep! Poppin cherries!

    can i have some kootney ram advice?
    save me driving north for sheep..
    and elk info would be helpful.. and i wouldnt complain with gps to a gos goat..

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    Re: Stone sheep! Poppin cherries!

    I'm all for getting some local bighorn info to save driving north for the stones all the time! Elk info is always welcome too

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    Re: Stone sheep! Poppin cherries!

    I've done the trip north a couple times and the area you are researching has a ton of great options off the highway. Most of the valleys, creeks, etc are either named or numbered and most have info somewhere on the 'net' about the trail systems. A few people have posted some info on various threads on here as well (Stone Sheep Hunting locations thread). A guy does have to sort out a bunch of 'info' and figure out whats legit and whats BS. Overall though, if you spend some time on google earth you can start pinpointing some valleys that hold promise and research the quality of the trails and the conditions from hiking websites, hunting sites, etc.

    The first time I went north was a late season trip and we ended up getting into a decent number of sheep including one really young ram that would have been legal and another nice 7 year old ram that was going to be a real great ram at one point. We saw good bands of young rams, tons of ewes and had a great time. I think every trip I've done north I've learned a bit new as well.

    Feel free to PM. Going to Kamloops at the WSSoBC convention is a great way to meet some guys, tell stories, learn a bit more intel as well. Great organization if you don't already belong.

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