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Thread: My EBike Hunting Rig

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    Re: My EBike Hunting Rig

    Walks with deer is something special eh

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    Re: My EBike Hunting Rig

    I think he needs to go smoke a dube and chill out. Way more important things in life to get riled up about.
    You can take the man out of the wilderness but you cant take the wilderness out of the man.

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    Arrow Re: My EBike Hunting Rig

    Quote Originally Posted by Stone C. Killer View Post
    Walks with deer is something special eh
    Which is EXACTLY why he went on Ignore damn near a year ago.
    Kind of like he doesn't exist for me.
    Guess he's up to his same old eh?
    No reason to revisit his position then.


    Egotistical, Self Centered, Son of a Bitch Killer that Doesn't Play Well With Others.

    Guess he got to Know me

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    Re: My EBike Hunting Rig

    Quote Originally Posted by Bugle M In View Post
    Yup, this is correct.
    And yes, a grey area.
    Yes, I would love a "little assistance" getting up the hills for sure.
    Last thing I want however, is to have my hunt come to an abrupt halt due to a CO writing me up for breaking the law etc.
    Especially on a long drive trip where I had to dish out a lot of money to get etc.
    Then there is the whole lawyer costs and court etc.
    They just have to get this option squared away in the hunting regs, either allow them or ban them, but get it listed.
    Once again, all are incorrect. READ THE HUNTING REGS, NOT THE MOTOR VEHICLES ACT. The hunting regs offer no distinction/definition for "power assist" and the definition of motor vehicle has no exemption for such a thing. Motor vehicles act means nothing to the hunting regs, you might as well be reading Alberta Hunting synopsis... I've had several COs tell me they would confiscate and charge, not sure what your defense is going to be?

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    Re: My EBike Hunting Rig

    i can see it now...
    stone c killer and iron noggin...heading up the bull river aug 30th doubling on a ebike wearing short noggin is steering with his excalibur cocked with a shaft knocked..old stone c has his new air gun ready to shoot whatever he sees claiming its not a firearm.. so its good to use in bow season.
    being any bull season about to start a young calf elk is feeding a hundred and fifty yards away.

    as noggin yells its bumps are a inch and a half if we count the fur and lobs a arrow from the crossbow into the calfs rear end.
    stone c sends

    a arrow from his air gun and hits it between the eyes knocking it dead.
    than the co rolls up.

    op great rig man i have daydreamed of building one out good for you...
    theres probably quite the market for a outfitted bike like that..

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