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    Re: Garbage...

    I guess it could be a good thing as these areas will get closed to vehicles. I don't mind hiking in. I've done tents, lean-to's, snow caves...planning a camp this fall with a buddy. No vehicle access where we are going and everything will be packed back out!

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    Re: Garbage...

    We came across a trailer last year that looked like the start of a new hobo camp. It was there late season so we went and checked on it this year. I don't know what happened to it, but it looks like it was crushed. Its not shot up or smashed, but just kind of flattened. Maybe by snow? Now it will be expensive to get out of there... probably another spur to get gated and one less place for us to set up camp. I suspect the future of camping will be provincial park reservations or leaving the vehicle on a main road and hiking in.

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