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Thread: Moose region 6

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    Totally agree

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piperdown View Post
    Well when bow hunting in 6-04 for a few years now have seen maybe a couple of other bow hunters, did see the natives shoot a bunch of cows no bulls ( talked to the CO up there about a month ago, natives shot 7 cows in 1 day does not make any sense to me and all's he could do was shake his head). Would like to know where any solid data on guides quota being reduced or not can be found. Last season was up at the cabin for a month, last few days of September and all of October. We saw 12 different bulls, 4 within bow range (1 as close as 30 ft) but no ethical shots. During the gos did not see a bull but then again there were so many hunters going mach 4 on every rd the moose were pushed deep into the timber and the rut was a good one as the early weather was fairly cold so i think the bulls were laying low. On a side note, was the first time in 15 years hunting there that we did not get a moose.

    This is where we, as resident hunters, are being screwed by the Wildlife Branch.

    The FN's don't want to be allocated 300 bulls in South Skeena. They will harvest what they want, and bulls will be 10% or less. Our regulations work because we know that. Licensed hunters can only kill bulls, the railway kills and highway kills and FN kills of predominantly cows and calves evens everything out ... and we have a good bull:cow ratio as a result ... 35 bulls per 100 cows as of this winter according to the bureaucrats. So what's the problem?

    The modest bow hunts in South Skeena are inconsequential in the harvest but large in hunter opportunity and participation. Unfortunately the bureaucrats have a biased view of it all. Their anti-hunting agenda is being made clear.

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