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Thread: Your Fishing License Dollars at Risk in Summerland

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    Your Fishing License Dollars at Risk in Summerland

    Your Fishing License Dollars at Risk in Summerland

    After nearly 100 years BC's oldest fish hatchery is now at risk.

    Stocking approximately 300 lakes, the hatchery relies on its pristine water source for hatchery operations

    Shaughessy springs, the hatchery's groundwater source originates in Bristow valley.

    The city of Summerland is contemplating rezoning the valley from agriculture to high density housing for a 376 unit seniors’ village.

    The move to high density zoning has the potential to negatively affect Shaughnessy Springs due to groundwater contamination from run-off and water withdrawal for operations.

    Without clean water the hatchery simply won’t survive.

    Your fishing license dollars are what keeps this hatchery running.

    Shaughnessy Springs water must be maintained in an unimpaired state.

    Please attend the following sessions to get a better understanding of the issues
    and make your voice heard

    If you are unable to attend please contact Summerland City Council to\ voice your concerns.

    For a link to email address follow the link:*

    Future generations of anglers depend on you.

    *January 16, 2017: Public Open House- Meet staff and review application documents

    3:30-7:00 PM- Arena Banquet Room, 8820 Jubilee Road, Summerland BC

    January 19, 2017: Public Information Presentation, Question and answer session

    7:00 PM- Centre Stage Theater, 9518 Main St, Summerland, BC


    A link to the preliminary review paid for by the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC:
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    Re: Your Fishing License Dollars at Risk in Summerland

    lol, family lives there, its all almost over 55 age restriction all over town as it is, theirs no housing for the others. turning the whole town into a morgue

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