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Thread: New hunter in region 2

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    Re: New hunter in region 2

    Agreed find the trails and keep on them. Get one or two trailcams and salt licks. I hunt for the meat so Will take smaller bucks then some. Have shot some big deer as well. My favourite way to hunt deer is to move from cutblock to cutblock. Using binoculars to find the deer then stalking into shooting range. Much like black bears. I have also shot many a deer on the road (logging road that is) while leaving an unsuccessful hunt. I shoot a rifle now. Learning to hunt with a bow is way better imo because it forces you to learn to be quiet, patient, and extremely accurate. That way if you ever try or upgrade to a gun it's a breeze. I would advise bear spray and a good blade as well as the reason I stopped bow hunting was an 8 yard bear charge in a river bed with my bow. If you're ever on the island pm me. We have a doe shotgun season here that I capitalized on this year. Loads of fun cause there's no competition.

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    Re: New hunter in region 2

    Quote Originally Posted by 45freezer View Post
    Thanks for the reply, most likely going to start out in region 8 since there seems to be more tag options out there as well as more wildlife. Not going to bring the boy with me for a few years still, how old were your kids the first time you brought them out with you if you don't mind me asking?
    No worries - I love hunting region 8, good luck out there. I'd say both daughters have been hunting since each was about four or so - they're pretty independent kids and are good at telling me if they need something - food, rest, bathroom. We're also lucky that we have relatives in Region 4 back in the sticks so hunting is a good old time. Girls can sit on the bench seat, take a turn driving, and see lots. We were usually home for a hot lunch and a break and lots of relatives to cheer them on. I didn't harvest an animal in front of them until they were 8 and 10. This last year they came backpack hunting with me in the Chilcotins... CORE this year so we'll have lots of tags for the freezer next fall.

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