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Thread: Seek outside tipi tents

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    Re: Seek outside tipi tents

    I thought the Cimarron was a lot cheaper. Is that the Cuban fibre model?

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    Re: Seek outside tipi tents

    Quote Originally Posted by oddsix View Post
    Anyone else have experience with the Seek Outside Cimarron? I am seriously considering one. Are they worth the $825USD price tag? Any complaints? Please post any good/bad experiences you've had, along with pics!

    Thanks, Daniel


    looking at this and the Redcliff also for this up coming season. Iíve decided a stove is a must for late season comfort

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    Re: Seek outside tipi tents

    I bought the cimarron last season with the medium box stove. Used it on several late season backpack hunts and Iím very happy with it. Yes itís an expensive tent but it will keep you comfortably up on the mountain for longer. If I was ordering again I would have bought the large stove for longer burn times but overall Iím very happy.

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