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Thread: Bowron Haggen FSR

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    Bowron Haggen FSR

    Looking for any info on FSR access. I have heard a lot of the roads and bridges have been deactivated in the area. I am planning on heading east into the mountain valley east of Haggen Lakes toward the headwaters of Bowron creek along the Bowron Haggen FSR in late spring and wondered if there is still access.

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    Re: Bowron Haggen FSR

    The Bowron was fine last summer, but a lot of the Haggen was crappy.
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    Re: Bowron Haggen FSR

    Its rough as hell, but worth the trip. One of my favourite places to ATV in. I was in there as a kid when it was being logged, worked back there doing silviculture work, and now I explore out there. Love it, spend a week, its worth it! Moosin
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    Re: Bowron Haggen FSR

    Looking for current info on accessing Haggen lakes with truck and trailer towards the end of May.

    Planning to set up camp around there and exploring the local valleys via truck and quad from there out.

    Cheers and thank you.

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    Re: Bowron Haggen FSR

    You should be good to go!

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    Re: Bowron Haggen FSR

    Anyone have any updated info on the conditions out this way? Planning on being there for a week or so towards the end of September. Any idea how the moose numbers are in this area?



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    Re: Bowron Haggen FSR

    This information on this post was applicable information for the original question.
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    Re: Bowron Haggen FSR

    Hnmm was in Barkerville snowed in the hills towards the Bowron..snowed and was still there when we left.
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