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Thread: Mainland Butcher info tread.

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    Re: Mainland Butcher info tread.

    Dropped off our 103 pound muley, all fat, fur, lower legs and waste trimmed off. Ordered roasts, steaks and ground. After 12 days of no call, no return of 3 calls from us, went to their location. Lady sheepishly said they ground up the entire deer, and brought out one box with 37 one pound packages in it. Thats 37 pounds of ground from a 103 pound deer, weighed on their scale, that was this morning. Ennis Farm Meats

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    Re: Mainland Butcher info tread.

    Hey guys:

    I'm super busy these days and thinking of getting my stuff butchered for me. I haven't seen anything on Benny the Butcher:

    Anyone recommend him?

    I can give Hogg's a call too as if I get something I'll be headed back Vancouver way anywho.


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