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Thread: Mainland Butcher info tread.

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    Mainland Butcher info tread.

    Ok gang, it's been some time and much banter but here goes.

    The RULES.

    1 Post up your questions and answers about butchers and contact info.
    2 No pumping or slamming this cutter or that cutter. (that thread may come soon?)
    3 No listing of prices for services rendered.
    4 No hyperlinks to web pages
    Any threads outside the list above will disappear.
    I still have the list available via e-mail and hopefully new services will come out of this thread and will be added to said list.

    Simply post up who cuts in which town and how others can reach them. Keep this list about mainland cutters, a thread for island is on the island forum.

    If you see your tip already listed no need to re-post, but if something needs correcting, fire me a PM Thx. David
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