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Thread: Canada / snow goose sillouette deeks

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    Canada / snow goose sillouette deeks

    Hello fellow waterfowlers .......

    any of of you ever make or use SILLOUETTE deeks for Canada's or Snows . Do it yourself home made deeks ?

    How was the response on how the birds decoyed when using them. Did your spread use a lot of decoys?

    I have a mixed mixed bag of Shells , SILLOUETTE sox, foldouts, SILLOUETTEs of Canada's Snows and Specklebellys . Lots of Duck deeks too that I use off to the side of the main goose spread

    Any pics ?

    Thanks CT

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    Re: Canada / snow goose sillouette deeks

    My opinion is, if you are going to do your own, and you are not an artist, use them as fillers. We made our own back in the day when hunting on a budget. Coroplast ( the stuff that election signs are made of) is the best ive used. Spray paint the entire thing flat bbq paint black then do your whites. Election signs are free buy the millions after an election.

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    Re: Canada / snow goose sillouette deeks

    Well for Coroplast 4x8 sheets at 20 bucks a sheet, 15-22 deeks per sheet depending on position design, makes a great add to your spread for cheap cheap.
    Really easy with the snows, use white Coroplast, add some pinky orange paint for the beak, wing tips, and for a juvenile look a little grey back feather look.
    The Canadas are more work due to painting of various color and locations, and covering up the white.
    On the white Coroplast, sand down a bit to dull the shine for the Snows. Also sand down or rough up the Coroplast prior to painting then clean with alcohol or acetone .
    Some primer is a helpful idea for longevity, but the Krylon flat paints are awesome.
    For someone who wants to make a big spread, adding numbers to the set, having some fun and self satisfaction, the home made Sillouettes are a great way to go.

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    Re: Canada / snow goose sillouette deeks

    Back in the day my Dad and his buddies used old tires with white garbage bags tied to them for Wavies on the dyke in Richmond and it worked quite well. I picked up a few dozen silhouttes and used them as feeders walking from different angles in towards my main spread of full bodies with great success. That being said it really was the month of scouting that dialed us in what approach angles the flock came from almost every day (Honkers in fields around Poco).

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