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Doug Skelly
01-29-2010, 11:24 PM
I have a octane brush rest at first i loved it. now i have gone through two lower brush rests they keep wearing out on the right side.i have adjusted the sides, knocks everything i can think of but my fletching is tearing them apart. I was told they shouldnt do that and that they were the way to go. should i ditch it and go for the fall away or is there something i can do?

01-30-2010, 06:33 PM
well ... the hostages are notorious for wear ... I tried one .. wore it out in a week .... couple people that I know that own archery shops in AB have had numourous complaints about them ...notwithstanding ...

You are having right side brush issues? are you right handed? do you use fingers or a release aid? I will assume yes and it dont really matter for this...

there is 2 possibilities: either your arrows are underspined and flexing too much when the shot is first released .... you can try a lighter point (ie 100 grain point instead of 125etc) or a stiffer arrow (340 spine as opposed to a 400 spine) be aware tho that your sight will have to be adjusted for either scenario ....
Second possibility is that you "plucking" the string at release ... pulling away from your body as opposed to straight back in line with the peep, sight and target. If you are right handed and you pluck the back of the arrow will be released slightly to the right and it dont matter if you have a fallaway, lizard tounge or full containment rest like the hostage ... in fact the hostage or whisker bisquit type rest would be your best friend as it would force the arrow to straighten out a bit whereas a fallaway wont and a blade will definatly not.

Doug Skelly
01-31-2010, 10:17 AM
Its not my right brush,its the right side of my lower brush, were it is cradled. I do try to pull as straight to my eye as possible,as well as leveling before release.
I am shooting hoyt alphamax and vi brake beman 400 8.4gpi arrows with 3 3/4 inch fleching.
I was thinking that my right brush may be out,and that the arrow is falling over to that side,but i dont know how tight the brushes should be to my arrows. i ive only shot maybe thirty arrows on this secound lower brush and its torn already.
Thanks for the advice

01-31-2010, 05:39 PM
what poundage is your A-max shooting at ... with beman 400s ... the high side of poundage would be at about 61-62 pounds ...

the brushes shouldnt be totally tight but your arrow should be level .... and center... Is your center shot true???

there are other possibilities as well such as nock travel, a product of your cams not being timed totally syncronized ...even if your cams are out by a 16th of a turn that will induce some nock travel ...Cam lean could and would induce a symtom of this as well ... Hoyts are known for cam lean if not properly set up ....which is in my expiriance getting rid of the floating yoke and adjusting a new solid yoke string and cable set

without actually getting the bow in my hands its tough to speculate but there are some ideas to take to your tech if he/she hasnt thought of them yet