View Full Version : Hound pups for sale.

chilcotin hillbilly
08-06-2019, 12:03 PM
Pups are spoken for at this point.

These pups are Walker leopard crosses. They are Spider and Pudd'n both world class hounds which I make my full time living with.
These pups will handle like a dream, both parents are easy keepers and where easily trained. they will make good family dogs.
These pups where going to be sold as started dogs next spring but I have changed my mind due to problems with the First Nations and title land that over laps my guide area.

The cost is $600/pup.

Big Turk. Male

Snickers Female

Oreo Female

Skittles Female

Pups will be ready to go On Aug 19. I will be headed to the LML from the Chilcotin that day.

Send me an email skinnercreek@telus.net