05 January 2006 (updated 22nd Aug 2010)

1. There is no such thing as a stupid question.

2. If something doesn’t look right or is out of place, let one of the Admin or Moderators know in Private Message and we’ll fix it.

3. Belittling or Racist comments of any kind on HuntingBC.ca will not be tolerated.

4. Keep it Civil means Keep it Civil!

5. If you’ve got a bone to pick with another member use the email or PM system not the forums! Keep the PM’s in the PM’s do not post someone’s PM in the forums.

6. There is to be no frowning upon a member for the method of hunting used, or the sex, age of the animal. If it's legal then it's legal no if, and, or, but!

7. There is to be no swearing, foul language or profanities on the website.

8. Avatars are to be in good taste with no nudity, gore or obscene gestures. No Advertising / Company logo in the Avatars unless you're a site sponsor.

9. There is to be no listing of animals shot in the signature block. To me it’s just gloating, and un-sportsman like and just looks bad in general. I don’t believe in the numbers game.

10. There will be no addresses, phone numbers, or website links in the signature blocks / user titles. Links belong in the link section, and advertising doesn’t belong in the forums.

11. Signatures are not to be paragraphs long or bolded and enlarged to the point where the signature is longer then the members post are.There will be no mocking, or insults posted in the signatures. Use your discretion, if it goes missing, it means it wasn't proper.

12. If a member can't follow these basic guidelines and play nice with others he will get a 2 week time out for a first offence and BANNED from the website for ever for a second confrontation.

13. At anytime, if a member has done something that is deemed to give HuntingBC.ca, or hunters in general a bad name, he/she could be banned indefinitely.

14. No Companies or Businesses to advertise in the Buy, Sell, Trade or Forums, except for sponsors in the “Sponsors Corner Forum”. If you’re interested in advertising contact the admin about sponsoring the website.

15. No bloody shot up animals, organs or intrails in the forums or gallery. When taking pictures of your animals please try and pull it away from the gut pile before you start taking pictures.

16. No Illegal activities to be discussed in the forums. For example, anything to do with illegal drugs, firearms alterations, illegal methods of taking game, poaching , filling others tags. ( Anything that may incriminate members or make the site look bad in the eyes of the public.)

17. No Pornorgraphic or Racial Material( this includes cartoons ) what so ever to be posted or linked to HuntingBC.ca . We've got some young members and I want to keep this site clean.

18. No Harassement

Harassment is any improper conduct by an individual that is directed at and offensive to another person or persons in which the individual knew or ought reasonably to have known would cause offence or harm. It comprises any objectionable act, comment or display that demeans, belittles or causes personal humiliation or embarrassment, or any act of intimidation or threat.

19. User names: business or company user names are not allowed on the site unless you are a current paying sponsor. IE: if you were a sponsor but no longer then the user name must be changed. If you're not a sponsor and using a business or company name you will be asked to change it or the profile will be deleted.